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Golden Demon – Classic 2017

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A good while back I bought my ticket to Golden Demon Classic for May. I certainly didnt have any set in stone plans of what to enter. Those of you that listen to the podcast or follow my Instagram will know that myself and Greg ran a competition to win a Forge World Character Series model painted and the second place prize of painting the Forge World Summoner.

I was slowly working my way through Corax for the first place winner. Three weeks before GD I was running low on my mojo and had a cool idea to paint the Summoner as a Thousand Son Librarian standing on Perospero Screaming at the sky.

The second place winner was Danny Nutell from Alpha Games (A former Golden Demon winner himself!) He let me have free rein and to auction the model afterwards to raise more money for the Evelina Hospital. Very good of him.

With three weeks to go i went into painting overdrive and spent about 40 hours getting the model ready for May.


Over all I was really happy with the results, but as always I feel I could of done more to a higher standard, but hopefully it raises money for a good cause.

I will post the link to eBay once it is up.