eBay and 40k

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Hello all and sundry.

It has been a slow week for me and I have gotten little or no painting time done this past week. I did finally get my arse in gear and get the Summoner up on ebay!

As a recap, i painted the summoner for Danny Nutell as part of a charity raffle that we ran on The Imperial Truth Podcast. Danny was very gracious and asked me to paint and eBay the piece for the charity we were raising funds for. Those of you that listen to the podcast will know that my son was diagnosed with a genetic lung disease that he will never recover from, but the care ongoing treatment that the Evelina London hospital have given him is second to none. I really wanted to give something back so it is great to be able to raise some funds for such a deserving charity.

You can see the auction here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/252990380459?roken=cUgayN

As most people on the internet I have been bitten by the 40k bug. I just had to order the new boxed set and i will be doing a full review on the box in the next couple of days, but needless to say that the models are tip top (some of the best i think GW have ever produced) and i just couldn’t resist kit basing a Space Wolf!

Space Wolf WIP

That is all for now but I will be back soon with some actual painting!



Golden Demon – Classic 2017

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A good while back I bought my ticket to Golden Demon Classic for May. I certainly didnt have any set in stone plans of what to enter. Those of you that listen to the podcast or follow my Instagram will know that myself and Greg ran a competition to win a Forge World Character Series model painted and the second place prize of painting the Forge World Summoner.

I was slowly working my way through Corax for the first place winner. Three weeks before GD I was running low on my mojo and had a cool idea to paint the Summoner as a Thousand Son Librarian standing on Perospero Screaming at the sky.

The second place winner was Danny Nutell from Alpha Games (A former Golden Demon winner himself!) He let me have free rein and to auction the model afterwards to raise more money for the Evelina Hospital. Very good of him.

With three weeks to go i went into painting overdrive and spent about 40 hours getting the model ready for May.


Over all I was really happy with the results, but as always I feel I could of done more to a higher standard, but hopefully it raises money for a good cause.

I will post the link to eBay once it is up.

Storage Hunters

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I was having a good old route around in the storage today and look what I found!


I still think the old style figure cases were the best for transporting models. The earliest Golden Demon sticker i have is ’97 but i do remember going to the ’95 or ’96 Games Day. Who else was there?


I even found some really old painted models. My oh my how things have changed and moved on! I remember goblin green bases being the absolute height of cool.



Proudest Moment

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I thought I would start at the top. The only way is down from here!

As most people know i am fanatical about Golden Demon and The Horus Heresy. I have been to both Heresy “Mini” Demons.  I was very please in 2016 to win 2 demons, but in 2017 I not only walked away with 3 demons but the Slayer Sword also.

Painting Perturabo was a tail of love and hate (As i find most long projects are) I was sick of the sight of him by the end. But on reflection was my best work to date.



With all projects there are things i would of changed given the chance, but still extremely happy.

I painted Perty for a good friend Ben and he will be well looked after in his new home,

Next up for me is another Primarch Corax. Pictures of him to come.

Episode I: A New Hope

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Hi everyone.

I have been around the block a fair few years painting and entering Golden Demon. I decided to start this blog to track my progress from mediocrity to better painting and hopefully success.

I will be posting work in progress of my projects

Golden Demon coverage (I hope to get to many of them)

Reviews of all the best painting gear and latest GW releases

And i am intending on attending many painting courses as i can and giving a honest review of what i have found!

I expect there to be ups and downs. Welcome to my journey.